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We are a development consulting firm specialized in the environment, agriculture, education and healthcare, mainly in Francophone West Africa. We aim to provide finely tuned services that are suitable to the actual situations in the field, based on our wealth of experiences in the front lines.
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We have implemented a range of programs focused on government policy making and resource management, conservation of forests and the environment in various countries. Through these activities, we have accumulated knowledge and technology in the areas of community organization, capacity development, partnership promotion and other factors related to safeguard promotion. We believe that REDD+ has a significant link to forest conservation and sustainable community development in developing countries.
IC Net Limited is a multidisciplinary international consulting firm with consultants specializing in diverse areas including rural development, natural resource management, project evaluation, and human resource development. We have regional hubs in six countries and consultancy experience in over 100 countries. Using our network and experience, we strive in not only ODA projects but also support for the overseas expansion of small and medium enterprises and training programs.
<REDD+ initiatives>
Our major strengths lie in community development, participatory rural development, and participatory natural resource management; we have many experts in these areas. Leveraging these unique strengths, we aim to endeavor in REDD+ projects with regard to consensus-building with local communities, livelihood improvement support, and various social considerations.
We are providing worldwide consultancy services in the field of transport infrastructure and environmental conservation.
<REDD+ initiatives>
We are looking for a business opportunity to participate in the REDD+, based on the experience of a mangrove conservation project.
Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting services and sustainability related services. We have more than 150 offices in over 40 countries and territories employing more than 5,000 people. As one buisness unit of the global ERM group, ERM Japan Ltd. provides services for Japanese companies, government institutions, and multinational companies expanding buisnesses to Japan with the advantage of the global network.
<REDD+ initiatives>
Our REDD-plus work started on 2010 through the commissioned project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in Japan. Participating in the feasibility study REDD-plus related forest conservation and sustainable forest management project in Indonesia, we developed MRV methodology under the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) and prepared the Project Design Document(PDD), with following paticipation in the feasibility study of REDD-plus project in Brazil 2011, and Indonesia in 2013 and 2014.
We provide risk solutions to clients based on advanced research and practical consulting services. In the field of biodiversity, we have been supporting initiatives by the private sector since the 1990s. Today, we provide wide-ranging support for solving issues related to environmental management, including biodiversity considerations in the procurement of raw materials, local partnerships for the creation of corporate green spaces, and ISO14001 compliance.
<REDD+ initiatives>
Our support also takes into consideration post-project factors as integral to risk management of forest regeneration programs by private firms. In Indonesia, we successfully regenerated forest land, improved the livelihoods of local farmers and carried out environmental education and biodiversity monitoring, all through funding from the private sector. We have also confirmed that revegetation using native plant species rapidly increases biodiversity. Furthermore, based on household surveys of local residents, we have identified that the greatest risk is post-project recurrence of illegal logging. To prevent this, we continue to make advances through the introduction of sustainable forest management systems run by residents and local authorities themselves.
Indonesia Reforestation Project of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance
EX Research Institute was founded in 1971 when various environmental problems had surfaced to affect people’s everyday life in Japan. Since then, we have been providing optimal solutions for issues related to the ‘Environment and Energy’ and ‘Urban Space/ Regional Community’. Our mission is to keep contributing to the society we live in by offering effective solutions to our society’s most pressing issues, such as taking actions against global warming, building an environmentally sound-material cycle society, realizing sustainable local community/urban infrastructure, and promoting community development with decentralization of authority and public participation.
Japan Space Systems is an organization which researches and develops space systems, such as satellite systems, launching systems, ground systems, remote sensing, and space utilization. We also expand international cooperations, capacity building programs all over the world.
<REDD+ initiatives>
We participate related REDD+ projects that METI and JICA promote. We also have some activities; we research deforestation and degradation in host countries, we provide capacity building programs for deforestation monitoring, and we develop methods for calculations of forestry and biomass at tropical peatland sites, etc.
NTCI is an international development consulting company that works with government-sponsored agencies, development banks, nonprofit organizations, multilateral institutions, and foreign governments to improve the lives and livelihoods of people around the world. Through technology and trust, we have been offering development solutions in the fields of water resources, energy, environment, peace building and agricultural and rural development.
<REDD+ initiatives>
Global warming poses a major threat both to the environment and to global development. We help developing countries to build the critical capacities they need to increase resilience to changes in climate, to protect their lives and improve their incomes through sustainable natural resource management, especially forest conservation activities.
The Carbon Free Consulting Cooperation is a consulting firm with the environment as its core concern. We provide consulting services that promote the environmental initiatives of Japanese government agencies, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), overseas governments, local authorities, universities, and businesses and organizations.
<REDD+ initiatives>
We carry out a number of carbon offset exchanges, utilizing both Kyoto credits and domestic credits. We have also expanded our overseas tree-planting programs to include Indonesia, Mozambique and Inner Mongolia, among others.
Since our establishment in July 1943, Kawasaki Geological Engineering Co., Ltd. (KGE) has participated in various projects both in land and marine areas following our principles of working together, proactive action and steady management to contribute to the development of society, and has since that time been involved in tackling issues to solve various geotechnical and geological tasks as an Earth Doctor.
<REDD+ initiatives>
Through the vast experiences, KGE has considered that the Ground Information is one of the most important information to be a foundation of the harmonious coexistence with the global environment. Therefore, we continually strive to elucidate the nature of the ground with our original instrumental and exploration technologies. We are looking forward to working cooperatively with all of you.
JOFCA was established in 1978 as a public-service corporation with the purpose of conserving forests in the developing countries. JOFCA has been contributing to conservation of the global environment for 37 years ever since, providing consultation services for the forest-related projects in the developing countries, receiving trainees from the developing countries, implementing afforestation projects in China, and so on.
<REDD+ initiatives>
For the assignment given by JICA, in Vietnam, JOFCA developed the activity data and emission factors in the national level, and studied options of setting the FRELs/FRLs; JOFCA also developed a REDD+ implementation plan in the subnational level and studied potential of REDD+ implementation. In Mozambique, JOFCA has been developing a platform to centralize the management of the forest and relevant data to be applied for REDD+ implementation.
We operate businesses worldwide, specializing in geospatial information consulting (geospatial information technology and construction consulting services), renewable energy, disaster prevention, environmental protection, and marketing and location information services.
<REDD+ initiatives>
We have built up experience and know-how through our numerous overseas forest businesses, as reflected in our participation in JICA’s Forest Conservation Plan / Forest Monitoring Initiative, METI and the Ministry of the Environment’s REDD+ Project Formation / Feasibility Survey, and forest-related REDD+ initiatives focused on CSR activities by the private sector. Furthermore, we actively carry out REDD+ oriented education and awareness initiatives, including the publication of “Environmental business reaching a turning point: REDD+ explained” (2013, ASCII Media Works) and the environment and energy forum “Private sector and REDD+: possibilities” (2013).
We are a Japanese company, which specializes in global diversification, education, training, consulting and global IT services. Our head office, located in Nagoya, was established in 2005 and our Tokyo Office opened in 2013, focusing on IT services. We have both Japanese and foreign staff. Over 90% of our Japanese staff, including the all the directors of the company, have lived overseas and have had international working experience. Furthermore, our foreign staff has Japanese language abilities and has lived in Japan for an average of 20 years. Both Japanese and foreign staff make up our Global Team.
Through our Global Team’s international experiences and English ability, as well as other language abilities, we focus on supporting Japanese companies with their global expansion strategies, language and international business skills development and also provide support for their IT systems engineering needs in the global and local sector. Our goal to provide the “Japan Brand” of high quality of products and services, will allow us to continually grow the business and improve the quality of our products and services.
Although we are presently involved with several CSR activities locally, we are also looking for ways to participate with REDD+. We believe it is an important effort to protect and conserve the forests and jungles of the world. Forest and jungle conservation through REDD+, and the reduction of CO2 emissions, is an area which all global companies must embrace. Looking to the future, we will definitely expand and increase our CSR activities through working with REDD+ and global conservation efforts for our planet.
Building upon a strong foundation of science, partnership and field demonstration, CI empowers societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature, our global biodiversity for the well-being of people. Founded in 1987, CI is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area and employs more than 800 staff in 30 countries on six continents, and has nearly 1,000 partners around the world.
<REDD+ initiatives>
With partners including governments and local communities, CI has been working to protect forest and to reforest degraded lands in countries in Asia, South America and Africa. REDD+ is an effective framework which enables the international community to mitigate climate change. Moreover, it can generate various environmental and social benefits, including improvement of ecosystem services, through facilitating forest conservation and restoration. On the ground, we demonstrate that REDD+ works, and we provide various inputs for governments, based on the experiences. .
Consulting Services for survey, planning, design, construction supervision, maintenance, social and environmental assessment on Development of Agriculture and Water Recourses in Japan and verseas, as well as Infrastructure, Natural Resources Management,Environment, Energy, Economic and Social Development and so on.
<REDD+ initiatives>
We recognize that consumption of resources and energy in daily business operations is a contributing factor in environmental challenges such as global warming and seek to contribute to society’s transition from “mass-production and mass-consumption,” which is now a global issue, to a society that is capable of sustainable development.
The Sumitomo Forestry Group utilizes timber as a renewable, healthy, and environmentally friendly natural resource, and contributes to a prosperous society through all types of housing-related services. Based upon this Corporate Philosophy, we aim to be the world’s leading forestry company that delivers the value of forests and timber to their fullest to the people of the world. Our operations are primarily based on our mountain forest related businesses, which together covers forest land equivalent to approximately 1/900th of Japan’s total land area, while also including related timber and housing-related businesses from processing, production and distribution of timber and construction materials; construction, sales and reform of timber construction residences; real estate logistics and development; and greenspace creation and lifestyle-related services. All such services pursue the many possibilities that timber has to offer us and through them, we believe that we are contributing to the creation of an enriched and sustainable society.
<REDD+ initiatives>
Amid calls for the necessity of forest conservation measures and sustainable forest creation worldwide, we have been involved in numerous overseas tree-planting and tropical forest regeneration projects over the past 30 years.
We do hope to contribute mitigation of climate change and REDD+ as common challenge of human beings, utilizing our experiences and know-hows gained from our forestry activities in all over the world until now.
We are primarily a chocolate manufacturer which source the raw material of cocoa beans from Sulawesi island, Indonesia. However we are highly conscious about the environment and welfare of the farmers, hence have been conducting a wide-range of projects in the island, whose pruposes include the better liveliood of the farmers, promotion of agro-forestry, prevention of envrionmentally unsustainable slush and burn agriculture etc.
<REDD+ initiatives>
We are currentlypromoting growing cocoa trees as a way to improve farmers' income while preventing deforestation resulted from slush and burn agriculture widely conducted in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Besides, we are now having several projects regarding REDD+ in the Philippines and other parts of Indonesia.
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Since its establishment in 1873, Taisei Corporation has undertaken many notable projects in Japan and overseas, with our high technologies and has been breaking through generations. We sincerely continue our business through creating new values in society.
<REDD+ initiatives>
Under our Group philosophy “Creating a Vibrant Environment for All Members of Society”, Taisei is working for the preservation of natural environment, as reforestation in urban areas, planning and constructing buildings and infrastructures with the consideration of biodiversity, and developing technologies related to environments.
Using our own company aircraft (helicopters and fixed-wing airplanes), we offer advanced survey and measurement technology for aerial photography, remote sensing, airborne laser surveys, and similar projects.
<REDD+ initiatives>
We have sown the seeds and manure for reproduction of the land which went to ruin by an earthquake or a typhoon and contribute to environmental conservation. Furthermore, in the field of environment, disaster prevention and social infrastructure management, we conduct social contribution by the surveying techniques such as Lidar and Remote sensing.
JANUS was founded in 1971 and since then, we have been providing consulting services regarding energy and environment. Our vision is contributing towards finding solution to trilemma among energy supply, economic development and environmental conservation.
<REDD+ initiatives>
We have experiences in CDM and JCM projects in Asian countries. With its long history as professional consultants on energy and environment and the experiences in those projects, we would like to contribute in the development of REDD+ projects, business models and other structural aspects as required.
Nippon Koei has been providing consulting services for economic development projects since 1946 under its corporate philosophy: "Tackle your problems with sincerity and the road ahead shall be clear". In the past 60 years, we have worked for over 3,000 multi-disciplinary infrastructure projects in more than 135 countries.
<REDD+ initiatives>
We have been providing consulting services in the field of climate change, afforestation, participatory forest management and biodiversity conservation in all over the world. Based on the extensive experiences, our skilful experts have been working for a number of REDD+ related projects worldwide, including "National Forest Plan Implementation Assistance Project in Indonesia: Forest Climate Sector (REDD+) Research Implementation Support (2011)". To meet growing expectation on REDD+, we will continue to promote REDD+ projects as a means of mitigating climate change and biodiversity loss, and contribute to wealthier human life in developing countries.
NEC is an ICT company, which was established in 1899. The business domains are four areas, which include public business, enterprise business, telecom carrier business, and system platform business. The number of employees of NEC group is more than 100,000.
<REDD+ initiatives>
We have been applying our ICT technologies in the environmental field. One of the examples is a research project on REDD+ in East Kalimantan, Indonesia that NEC has been working with Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation since 2012, which is an organization for orangutan protection. Considering our business sustainability, we continue to proceed the REDD+ project by using ICT such as remote sensing in this field.
Through remote sensing technology made possible by use of aircraft and satellites, we carry out analyses and assessments from acquired geospatial data to provide diverse solutions to our clients. These solutions mainly relate to disaster control and environmental conservation and are used to optimize administrative tasks and in decision-making support for corporate planning. Our network enables us to offer such geospatial data business services on a global scale.
<REDD+ initiatives>
We use satellite imaging to perform functions ranging from categorizing forest types and changes and creating forest inventory databases to the introduction of forest management information systems. Our representative REDD+ projects to date include the use of satellite imaging in Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon and other countries since 2012 to analyze forest changes and forest structures as well as design sampling surveys. Through such activities, we were able to transfer technologies related to carbon storage and inventory assessments.
Padeco Co., Ltd. is an international development consulting company established in 1983. Headquartered in Tokyo, we are involved in numerous development projects for development aid organizations in Japan and overseas and we cover both soft and hard components: transport and logistics, urban and regional development, education, human resources development, industrial/organizational management, information communication technology, climate change, and environment.
<REDD+ initiatives>
We seek to implement wide-range initiatives related to REDD+, including nature conservation, environment and social considerations, and other technologies. Our experts are well-versed in forest biodiversity conservation, significantly important element of REDD+, as well as in safeguard issues, which is indispensable to REDD+ implementation. To this end, we aim to be actively involved in operationalizing REDD+ initiatives. Furthermore, some of our staff specialize in the use of the satellite technologies, which enable to expand the related possibilities that REDD+ has to offer.
Environment and Energy
myclimate Japan Co., Ltd. (established in 2011) is a company co-financed by ECONOS Co.,Ltd, based in Sapporo, Japan and the myclimate Foundation, a world leading voluntary carbon offset provider, based in Zurich, Switzerland. We provide carbon offset services, as well as support to all businesses contributing to mitigating climate change and environmental issues.
<REDD+ initiatives>
As a company which provides various services related to carbon credit market, we strive to create future REDD+ projects through gathering knowledge and considering business models under this platform.
More Trees is a forest conservation organization spearheaded by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and founded on the concept of “more trees.” Our goal can be summarized as”Connect our urban lives with local forests”—we aim to promote forest generation and recover the many important functions that forests perform worldwide.
<REDD+ initiatives>
Since 2009, we have been implementing a forest regeneration project in the Philippine province of Quirino, where forest devastation poses a serious challenge. Through the knowledge and insight that we have gained in organizing local communities, climate change policy and biodiversity promotion, we are now making preparations to begin implementing REDD+ initiatives.
More trees Forest Carbon Project in Quirino Province Sierra Madre Biodiversity Corridor, Luzon, Philippines