Privacy Policy

In the light of the importance of safeguarding personal information, any information that is acquired through the website of the Japan Public–Private Platform for REDD+ (hereinafter, “JP3-REDD+”) – such as a visitor’s name, postal and email addresses, and phone number – will be properly handled. The purpose of collecting such information will be identified, and any disclosures will be limited to the cases stipulated below and be accompanied by a notification of the names and contact numbers of the parties to whom the information is provided.

1. Scope of Use

Any information able to identify individuals that is acquired by JP3-REDD+ will be stored, used, or analyzed within the scope of the activities of JP3-REDD+ . The REDD+ Platform reserves the right to use such identifying information and other materials in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy.

2. Limitations on Use and Provision

The REDD+ Platform will never willfully provide information able to identify individuals to any third party, with the following three exceptions.
- In cases of legally mandated disclosure requests
- In cases where the provider of information grants permission for its disclosure to a third party
- In cases where JP3-REDD+ commissions a party to process the information collected; the information provided will be within the scope necessary for the execution of the commissioned tasks.

3. Security

The REDD+ Platform takes measures that are necessary to prevent the leakage, loss, or destruction of acquired information and to otherwise properly manage such information.

4. About Cookie

When you use this site, information packets known as “cookies” may be sent to your computer. Cookies are used for reasons to do with the system of contents that comprise the site and do not compromise your personal information or operating environment. Although it is possible to disable cookies depending on your browser, please note that doing so may prevent you from accessing certain services.